About Green Spaces


Who We Are

Based in Melbourne, Green Spaces is a passionate and qualified landscaping team specialising in both design and construction. Embracing a passion for informal and contemporary landscapes, we advocate the use of Australian native planting. However, we can also skilfully weave native elements with more perennial and innovative contemporary concepts, resulting in harmonious and diverse outdoor spaces

As a certified landscape business, Green Spaces works collaboratively with our clients every step of the way. From an initial on-site meeting and design briefing, all the way through to the final sign-off on your project, our team will help you create the outdoor spaces you’ve been dreaming of. With over 15 years of collective experience, the Green Spaces team possesses the skills and extensive network to deliver the highest-quality landscape design and construction services.

We collaborate with a wide network of trusted and highly qualified contractors, ensuring we can effortlessly bring your landscape vision to life. We only work with reliable partners who uphold our high standards and unwavering work ethic.


Our Mission

At Green Spaces, we’re passionate about plant life. Our mission is to create exceptional and functional spaces for our clients that centre around lush gardens layered with captivating textural combinations.

We wanted to create a company that would prioritise sustainability in landscape design and encourage clients to incorporate native planting into their spaces where possible. Our designs draw upon a diverse plant palette and are thoughtfully complemented by hardscape surfaces that will enhance their natural beauty.

Our meticulously curated gardens are designed to flourish all year round, built to withstand the test of time while offering enduring natural beauty. At Green Spaces, we create and nurture landscapes that thrive year after year.

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What Sets Green Spaces Apart

  • Immense Plant Knowledge

    Our deep expertise in plants, rooted in our understanding of soil profiles and the importance of landscape foundations, is what makes Green Spaces so unique. We have immense plant knowledge and a commitment to educating our clients. We meticulously curate the precise plant palette for each project, which leads to the long-term health and longevity of our clients’ eye-catching garden spaces.

  • Collaborative Approach

    Our clients are the heart and soul of our business, so we work closely with them to collaborate and realise a shared vision for each project. We believe firmly in crafting landscape designs that mirror each client’s lifestyle, future, and goals. We actively involve our clients in every step of the creative process. By listening to their aspirations and preferences, we can bring their vision to life and create spaces that elevate their life at home.

  • Commitment To Sustainability

    Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do at Green Spaces. We’re committed to including native Australian plants and designing gardens that thrive from season to season and coexist harmoniously with any non-native flora. By carefully blending indigenous species with perennial, deciduous and evergreen species, Green Spaces can create landscapes known for their enduring beauty.

  • Intuitive Vision

    Our intuitive vision and creativity are the driving forces behind each project we complete. Inspired by the natural world and guided by the client’s goals, our Landscape Designers envision extraordinary outdoor spaces. They have an uncanny ability to balance form and function to create tranquil spaces hidden away in the suburbs – or even amongst dense urban landscapes.

  • Landscape Design Process

    Welcome to Green Spaces, where we turn your outdoor dreams into reality. Our landscape design process is tailored to ensure your vision is brought to life with precision and creativity. Here’s how we work:

    1. Initial Consultation

    We begin with an in-depth discussion to understand your goals, preferences, and vision for your outdoor space. During this consultation, we’ll explore:

    • Your lifestyle and how you intend to use the outdoor space.
    • Preferred aesthetic styles, color schemes, and themes.
    • Budget considerations and project timelines.

    2. Site Analysis

    Next, our team conducts a comprehensive assessment of your property. This step involves:

    • Evaluating the site’s topography, soil quality, drainage, and existing vegetation.
    • Considering sunlight exposure and shade patterns throughout the day.
    • Noting any architectural features or existing structures that will influence the design.

    3. Concept Development

    Based on the information gathered, we develop initial design concepts tailored to your specifications. This phase includes:

    • Sketches, mood boards, and visual representations to convey design ideas.
    • Exploration of plant selections, hardscape materials, and focal points.
    • Collaboration with you to refine the concept until it aligns perfectly with your vision.

    4. Design Presentation

    Once the concept is finalised, we present the comprehensive landscape design plan. This presentation includes:

    • Detailed renderings, 2D plans, and 3D visualizations to illustrate the proposed design.
    • Material samples and product recommendations for hardscape elements, plants, and other features.
    • Discussion of any adjustments or modifications to ensure complete satisfaction.

    5. Implementation

    With your approval, we proceed to the implementation phase, where our skilled team brings the design to life. This stage involves:

    • Site preparation, including excavation, grading, and soil amendment as necessary.
    • Installation of hardscape elements such as patios, walkways, and water features.
    • Planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other vegetation according to the design plan.

    6. Final Walkthrough And Maintenance Guidance

    Once the project is complete, we conduct a final walkthrough to ensure every detail meets your expectations. We also provide:

    • Guidance on ongoing maintenance to preserve the beauty and functionality of your landscape.
    • Recommendations for seasonal care, watering schedules, and plant health management.
    • Continued support and assistance to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

    At Green Spaces, our mission is to exceed your expectations and create outdoor spaces that inspire and delight for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation and begin the journey toward your dream landscape.